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Multidisciplinary Pain Management Center

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Interventional Pain Management

Our board certified interventional pain physicians perform a vast array of procedures. As our interventional suite is located within the office, efficiency in scheduling and performing procedures are maximized. 

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Chiropractic Care

Our in house chiropractor, Dr. Jennifer James, adds an additional layer to our treatment options. She treats a variety of etiologies including spine, shoulders, knees, hips, and more.

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Physical Therapy

Dr. Cory Heinkel leads our physical therapy department with one-on-one sessions aimed at developing a patient-specific treatment plan. He is experienced in treating multiple pain sites whether acute or chronic.  He is also certified in dry-needling. 



Many different treatment options are available today including physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, nerve blocks, surgery, pain management, psychometrics, weight loss, nutrition, physiatry, personal training, etc. The list goes on and on. It is daunting.


How does a patient navigate through these options? How does a patient know which path to take? Are the different practitioners communicating with one another? Are they treating the patient based on the patient’s needs or based on the practitioner’s specialty?

After trying to treat pain for years in a single specialty office, we learned that providing the full treatment needed was impossible. Crosstown Back is different. We have developed a new way of evaluating, treating, and following outcomes, without bias or agenda. We use treatment options ranging from counseling to injections to surgery – all under one roof. We provide quality and appropriate, evidence based care to patients while using a truly multidisciplinary team approach.



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Sara Brauninger,

Physician Assistant


Dr. Jennifer James



Dr. Cory Heinkel
Physical Therapy

Dr. Nancyanne Hickman

Physical Therapy

* To book with Drs. Kangas/Wargo, Constance Simpson, or Sara Brauninger: type "pain management" as visit reason

** To book with Dr. James: type "chiropractic care" as visit reason



If you've been given a pain diary, you can complete an electronic version online. Other options include faxing, standard mail, or dropping form off in person. 

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Fax: 901-260-6162




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Tel: 901-260-6161

Fax: 901-260-6162

Physical Therapy:

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